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Welcome to FISH

Faith in Serving Humanity (FISH) is a Christian outreach ministry sponsored by a number of local churches, volunteers, and generous members of the Walton County community. 

About FISH

FISH was created by the local ministerial association as a way to respond to the needs of people in our community (see the history of FISH below).  Our churches provide spiritual guidance, financial support, and food to stock the food pantry.

The ministry is  almost entirely run by volunteers with more than 400 people donating thousands of hours each year to help our friends and neighbors in need. Additionally, FISH operates as a nonprofit charity with 501 (c) (3) status, making all donations tax-deductible. 

The Board of Directors is comprised of ministers, representatives from our supporting churches and community leaders who believe in this cause. ​

Mission Statement

Because Jesus Christ calls His believers to serve to the poor and needy among us, FISH endeavors to respond to the spiritual, physical, and financial needs of Walton County residents. 

Connect with Us


700 South Madison Avenue

Monroe, GA 30655

Phone: 770-207-HELP (4357)

Fax: 770-207-9186

Mailing Address: 

PO Box 1838 Monroe, GA  30655


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Message from Cindy
FISH History

Dear Friends,

With your help FISH, FISH4Kids and FISH MD hears the silent cries of the young, elderly and sick of our community. These precious souls are met with compassion and the pure love of Christ. The sick are healed and becoming gainfully employed.

The young, hungry and homeless are being fed, housed and given a chance to break the generational chain of poverty by getting their diploma. They have the necessities of life and need not fear for tomorrow.

Many people don’t realize that the proceeds from the thrift stores go to pay for the operations of FISH, FISH4KIDS, and FISH MD. This is why I can promise you that every penny of your precious offerings will go to help someone in our community!

As basic needs are met, people can begin to improve their lives. They can get education and training, have the chance to look for work, and take care of their families. Lifting up those in need makes our community a stronger and more blessed place for us all.

In Matthew 25:40 we are all called to be Jesus’ hands and feet to those in need. FISH can only continue its work with your prayers, your willingness to volunteer, and your financial support.

In His Service, 
Cindy Little, FISH Executive Director

Faith in Serving Humanity was prayed into fruition in March of 1991.  The Monroe Area Ministerial Association (MAMA) was holding their monthly meeting.  This particular month they were meeting at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church and were hosted by Rev. Foley Beach.  The pastors discussed the intense amount of poverty and demands for financial assistance from the area churches.  It was stated that it would be nice to come together and have one entity to provide food, and finances to assist those in need.  The churches would support with food, funds and volunteers.  This would allow a better service to those in need as well as being a better steward of the resources God has blessed us with.  An application process would be put into place to make sure funds were being used for true needs.  It was noted that a little thrift store could help pay for overhead and provide free items to families in need.

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